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2019 General Manager’s Mid-Year Conference

This year\'s 2019 General Manager\'s Mid-Year Conference\'s theme was \"Grow the Green\".  General Manager\'s attended many interactive workshops to help improve customer service and to improve the bottom line.    


2019 Top Hat Awards

  Congratulations to Gloria John for winning the 2019 Top Hat Award for Front of the house food and beverage.   Gloria John has been employed at the Quality Inn and Suites in Gallup, New...

2019 Project Search Graduates

Congratulations to the 2019 Project Search Graduates. The following students were working at the Hilton Garden in Gallup, NM this year: Jasmine Natan - an intern that completed all her hours and she was offered...

Ruben Abeyta joins Total Management Systems as Regional Director of Operations

Ruben Abeyta has joined the Total Management Systems team.  Read more about him on our about us page  


Hospitality Games

Associates participated in the 2019 Hospitality Games, sponsored but the Greater Albuquerque Innkeepers Association.  Associates for every department in our Albuquerque hotel were able to participate in games like commode toss, martini toss, shaken not...

Happy Holidays from the Entire Total Management team

New Courtyard Marriott will give NMSU students a unique, hands-on experience

Courtesy of NMSU Roundup New Courtyard Marriott will give NMSU students a unique, hands-on experience Leah Romero, Feature WriterSeptember 18, 2018Leave a Comment More stories from Leah Romero Kavanaugh hearing spurs discussion of sexual assault...

Head Office

Head Office

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