Total Management Systems, Inc. specialize in operation and development of limited service, select service, and full service hotel properties in the Southwest. We can help with third party management, receivership, franchise conversions, renovations, PIP management, and consulting.

New Development

If you are new to the hotel business, or even a veteran in the industry, we can bring unique knowledge to help you in making the right investment for your new development.
We can help conduct market research, work with you in franchise selection and pre-opening. We consider your investment as our own and we will use our years of experience to ensure that your investment is the right one.


Total Management Systems, Inc. has unparalleled expertise in all aspects of hotel operations, developed from our years of hands-on experience. In all segments of our hotel management service business, we are unique in the industry because we deliver memorable guest experiences based on each individual hotel.
We work closely with our partners to customize the guest experience for each property to the specific market and design. We take advantage of the location of each hotel, market and owner’s objectives to create customized operating standards, resulting in high guest satisfaction and owner profitability.

Sales and Marketing, Revenue Management

Total Management Systems, Inc. is recognized for our strong sales and marketing background. Our hotel management services define key market segments, establish individual and team goals, develop and train sales teams, stress the importance of proper communication with initiatives and engagement of hotel staff.
With our years of experience, we implement the latest revenue strategies at each hotel. We use Internet marketing and e-Commerce strategies to maximize your online efforts. We also provide services in Revenue Management and can use our proven and effective strategies to maximize RevPar for our investors by training the staff on effective revenue management strategies. We can help you in analyzing your STAR reports in order to determine what is the most effective strategy for your hotel

Accounting and Finance

Our accounting systems are both centralized and standardized, managed by the local on-site accounting team with corporate over site or we offer centralized accounting services from our corporate office. Tight expense control is a powerful tool to maximize the bottom line. We provide our team and ownership with daily financial reports for immediate feedback.

We do customized owner reporting, in addition to a standard monthly financial package, cash flow analysis, annual budget and monthly forecasts. We also provide payroll service and provide streamlined methods to help you control your labor costs. We provide competitive wages and benefits and can provide solutions to help you comply with Affordable Care Act.

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