Audrey Mitchell is now the Corporate Director Of Human Resources and Training for Total Management Systems Inc.


Dateline: Albuquerque, NM — Total Management Systems Inc. hires Audrey Mitchell as the

Corporate Director of HR and Training.

Albuquerque, NM, July 6, 2021-Total Management Systems, Inc. (TMS) hired Audrey Mitchell

as the Corporate Director of Human Resources and Training . Audrey will provide human

resources and training support for Total Management Systems Inc.’s portfolio of ten New

Mexico hotels.

Audrey Mitchell brings 15 years of industry experience and a track record of success in her

various roles within the hotel industry, including guest service manager, controller, and human

resources. Her passion for people and the goal to help develop talent has been evident

throughout her career.

Audrey specializes in Human Resources with a Masters in Human Resources from Colorado

State University as well as having 6 years’ experience in specific Human Resources Roles

with the hotel industry. Her knowledge of the hotel industry goes hand in hand with her

knowledge of human resources and training makes her an invaluable asset to the Total

Management Systems team.

Total Management Systems Inc. is a New Mexico based hotel management company that

specializes in hotel management for Hilton, Marriott, Best Western, and Choice properties

throughout New Mexico. They have been based in New Mexico since 1980. If you are

interested in booking with the TMS portfolio of hotels, please call Joesolie Ramos at 575-526-

-1722 option 2.- For more information, contact Malini Perumal at 505-831-4200. Please visit

Head Office

Head Office

4239 Suite A, Balloon Park Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109



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