TMS Highlights Jessica DeLuca, newly-promoted General Manager

May 4, 2023 – Artesia, New Mexico.

Total Management Systems highlights one of their outstanding team members who has shown consistent efforts and success in their field.

Get to know more about the first employee to be highlighted – Jessica DeLuca, the newly-promoted General Manager from Hampton Inn & Suites Artesia.

  1. What year and month did you start with TMS? What position?
    1. March 21, 2022 – Sales Manager
  1. Describe your journey within TMS.
    1. TMS has offered me training and new opportunities at every turn. I have taken many classes to assist and further my knowledge of sales and marketing. I have had a wonderful mentor from the beginning. It never mattered how big or small the question.
  1. Describe working with TMS.
    1. I have truly enjoyed working with the team at TMS. Every member of the team truly encompasses “we’ve got your back!” This is the most family and team-oriented company I have ever worked with.
  1. What motivates you? What makes you successful?
    1. My motivation is to succeed and be the best possible version of myself. The “thing” that makes me so successful is my ability to adapt and grow. I enjoy puzzles and problem solving and really when it comes down to it that’s all a hotel is. You “play” a game every day with rates, you “play” a game when it comes to filling the house, and when you over book the house you “play” musical rooms to fix the problem. Something I was told at a young age is “if you enjoy your work, you never work a day in your life.” This is very true, I got in to the hotel industry because my mom told me that I would enjoy it. Little did I know it would become my passion.
  1. What would you advise other aspiring people to follow your footsteps?
    1. If you are just starting out, take every step through every department. Learn how and what makes each department work. Why each department is important and how they all “fit” together to create a cohesive bond that holds the hotel together. Not only will this give you a better idea of how the hotel works, it will make you a stronger employee. If your boss needs help don’t, turn down the opportunity to help them. Use it as a learning opportunity.
  1. Any quotes to live by?
    1. The first is “Do or Do Not There is No Try.” – Yoda. I feel like this is so true, you are either going to succeed in life or not there is no middle ground. My second quote would have to be “You cannot cross a bridge you have not built, however never be afraid to burn bridges that no longer support you.” I have no idea who said this but, I feel like it is very true and believe me I have never been afraid to torch a bridge! My last quote is “We’ll get there.” I love this quote because eventually, you will get where you are going. It may not be the path you wanted, but it got you where you needed to be.


Hampton Inn & Suites Artesia is 81-room hotel that opened in 2016. It offers modern guest rooms, complimentary breakfast and excellent stay while visiting Artesia or just passing through. The hotel is only an hour away from Carlsbad Caverns National Park and about 40 miles from Roswell. Learn more about the hotel by visiting their website HERE.

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